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Kelly's shoe cream

Kelly's Shoe Cream- 1½oz

Regular price $5.99 $3.50 Sale

Premium shoe cream in 1½ ounce glass jars. Contains water-repellent ingredients and the finest blended waxes for a long lasting, high-luster shine. Contains natural Carnauba Wax for that high-gloss shine. Available in 44 colors.

Kiwi Shoe Polish

Kiwi Wax 2 ½ oz


The world’s No. 1 Classic Shoe Polish – contains natural Carnauba wax to help provide your leather shoes with shine, nourishment and protection, while also giving them increased water resistance.

TRG Shoe Shine Cream

TRG Shoe Shine Cream 1.55 oz

Regular price $6.50 $5.00 Sale

Keep your shoes looking new. Available in 26 colors. Soft cream made with beeswax. Nourishes, shines, and, prevents color fading. Ideal for shining all smooth leathers. • Great for leather or vinyl shoes or boots Available in 26 colors.

TRG Super Color Spray Dye

TRG Super Color Spray Dye

Regular price $9.99 $8.50 Sale

The spray dye renews or changes the color of leather, vinyl, and, plastic. Net contents: 3.77oz Available in 50 colors.

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